Hog Hunts Packages

Texans must have hunting licenses and out state hunters must have 5 day permit to hunt hogs and exotics. The cost of permit is 45$.

Day Hunts:

Day hunt consist of one hog any size.
Hunt starts at Sunrise and ends at sunset.
Hunter can take more hogs at 125$ each.
Fishing is include in this package catch and release.
Min. of 2 hunters 250$ per hunter.
You may skin your own hog or we will skin and quarter it for you
Hogs skinning 30$ each and capeing 30$ more.

Wild Hog Hunt 2 day:

This Hunt includes 2 hogs any size.
Over night stay in cabin.
Light lunch and evening meal.
Hunts start at Sunrise the first day and run until 12 P.M. the next day.
Check out is at 1 P.M. on the 2nd Day.
You may skin your own hog or we will skin and quarter hogs for you at 30$ each.
capeing for mount 30$ more.
Fishing is included in this package catch and release.
Transportation to and from stand is included.
Min. of 2 hunters at 500$ per hunter.

Wild Hog Hunt 3 Day:

Hunt is the same as 2 day hunt with one day and one overnight added.
This is our most popular hunt because it allows the hunter a more relaxed
hunt to take his 2 hogs.
Min of 2 hunters at 600$ per hunter.

Ram Hunts:

Rams are 500$ and up.
Rams can be added to Hog Packages (i.e. Each hog not taken will be valued at 100$ each.
If you take a ram and no hogs 300$ or more will be added to the package depending
on the size of the ram. If you take a ram and 1 hog it will be 400$ or more depending
on the size of the ram. )

Trophy Boar Hunt:

Trophy boars are boars with 2'' or greater teeth up to 500 lbs after 500lbs add 1$ per pound.
Trophy boars are big and mean so be prepared for an exciting experience.
Big caliber guns are recommended.
Bows shooting expandable (broadheads) not recommended.
Wounded hogs are considered a kill in all hunts.
Skinning and capeing trophy hogs 60$.

Our hog hunts are done with gun or bow over food plot from tree stands or
ground blinds.
Stalking is allowed on group hunts.
All hog hunts include transportation to and from stand and help in hog retrieval.

Youth under 16 years of age can accompany package hunters for free. "Stay is free"
Youth are charged 150$ for first hog taken and a 125$ for each additional hog.
YOUTH CANNOT Take Package Hunters Hogs
Youths can take Rams at 500$ and up


For more information on hog hunting at Elk Meadow Game Ranch contact
Randy McMillan 903-314-1090
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