Elk Meadow Game Ranch:
We have been growing animals since 1999. Our Red Stags are some of the best animals you will find anywhere in the world. Along with the Red Stags, we have trophy muflon, axis, and record book fallow deer. Since Texas is known for its whitetail deer population, have a look at what we have to offer. We have lots of whitetail bucks in the 120 - 150 class.
A quote from one of our clients (Bill Henson - Po'Boys Outdoors). "I've had the opportunity to visit a lot of ranches in my hunting travels. After my first visit to Elk Meadow Game Ranch, I was hooked. I have found the place I want to take my grand kids for their first deer hunt. This ranch seems to cater to kids and teaching them about the animals, their habits, and how to have a great time.
I took my oldest grandson, Landon, on his first deer hunt at Elk Meadow Game Ranch. For an eight year old boy to stay still for 3 hours in a stand (I thought would be impossible), but Randy McMillan took the time to tell Landon about the animals he was seeing. And we saw so many animals that Landon was just set and marveled at them. Also, he was never board by not seeing animals. There were always animals in front (or behind) us. Landon was successful on his first hunt. He harvested a large cow (hines) red deer.
Randy took the time to teach Landon about the animal he had just harvested. I was impressed with the patience and long suffering of a professional hunter taking this kind of time with a young hunter. Landon will never forget his experience at Elk Meadow Game Ranch and neither will I. Po'Boys filmed Landon's first hunt and it will stay alive with us as long as we live.
Anyone wanting to know more about Elk Meadow Game Ranch, please feel free to email me personally. I will be glad to share some of my experiences with you.

Bill Henson
The Original Po'Boy
Email: video@videoperfection.com